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Channel Islands Yacht Club
United States of America

Register and pay your 2018 CIYC Anglers' Club Dues here $10 per member per year.

Anglers’ Club Info: Angler’s dues of $10 for the 2018 fishing season are due January 1st 2018.  Please send in your Angler’s dues with your regular club dues billing, or register and pay online here.

If you wish you can provide a SEPARATE check made out to “Channel Islands Yacht Club, Anglers” and put Anglers Dues in the memo section of the check and send it or bring it to the Club.


When you are a CIYC Anglers’ Club member you can win $50.00 if you bring in the biggest Legal fish of the month, marlin, sharks, rays and tournament fish do not count. You can only win once a year, but as the Lotto people are fond of saying “you can’t win if you don’t play”.


There is a scale in the shed where the ice machine is. All you must do is weigh the fish in with a CIYC club member or bartender as witness and record the weight, or Weigh in at the certified scale at PCYC or CISCO’s Sportfishing. Put the record in the Anglers mail box in the hall down stairs. If you like, call me on my Cell 805-205-4073 and I will witness your catch and take a photo for the Currents. You may also e-mail me the photos and details.


You may also win the Big Fish of the year and $100 if you turn in the largest fish before the Anglers awards dinner occurs in November. The Big fish of the year does not have to have been a big fish of the month winner and may be a tournament fish other than marlin, sharks or rays.