Channel Islands Yacht Club
United States

Channel Islands Yacht Club -Free Brass Band Concert

Ventura British Brass

Friday – 7 PM to 9 PM (Bar opens 6 PM)

If you wish to eat please bring a potluck item to share

A British Brass Band is a unique ensemble with very specific instrumentation.

The rich, dark, and mellow tone quality stems from the fact that all the instruments, except the trombones, are conically bored in design (smaller bore at the mouthpiece, gradually increasing to the horn’s bell), permitting the brass band to produce a most distinct and unique sound. Originating in Britain in the 1840’s, they have become very popular throughout Europe and the rest of the world. For many years the bands were kept alive in the United States largely by the Salvation Army’s influence.

Unlike most popular brass ensembles in the United States, our British style brass band has a fixed, standard instrumentation using cornets, not trumpets, and tenor horns, not French horns. Cornets are pitched the same as trumpets, but have the different shaped conical bore, and the tubing is wrapped tighter, making it appear smaller than a standard trumpet. The different bore gives the cornet a darker, mellower, more lyrical sound. Tenor horns are like a smaller euphonium or baritone, and sound like a high baritone rather than the dark noble sound of the French horn.

Visit our website at www.venturabritishbrass.com     (805) 797-3055