Channel Islands Yacht Club
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CIYC Anglers Ladies’ fishing tournament





CIYC Lady Anglers Sunday August 7th, 2022  4am to 5pm



The annual Ladies’ fishing tourney is scheduled for Sunday August 7th, 2022,   4am to 5pm. The weigh-in is at CIYC at 5PM. Sign up is $10 (collected by the boat captains) and the prizes will be distributed at 50% for 1st place, 30% 2nd place, and 20% 3rd place. All legal fish count except Billfish, Sharks and Rays count. You may go out earlier to catch bait and prefish. But only fish caught after 4am count for the tournament.

Sign-up by e-mail to me at membership.ciyc@roadrunner.com This event, in the past has been a blast.

If you are a boat owner, please let me know if you are willing to take on some of these women. If you are a woman wishing to fish the tourney and don’t have a ride let me know.  If the weather is good, we should have a great time.

Good Luck, remember Tourney fish don't count for Big Fish of the Month but can qualify for Big Fish of the Year, so keep turning them in. Frank Sullivan, Anglers' Chair

If you have a boat and already have a crew please let me know their information or if you need crew I will try to fill the crew from those who reply. We need more boats!