Channel Islands Yacht Club
United States of America

New member orientation and free brunch for members who joined CIYC after May 2022.

Sunday December 4th at 10am   Please reply to membership.ciyc@roadrunner.com  

We will cover; how to sign up for a dinner and other events, Anglers events and tournaments, Cruising and Electric boat events, as well as how ClubRunner and the Four Up Point of Sale Systems work.

As you know we are defined as a "Self Help Club".  We employ 3 bartenders, a bookkeeper, and a cleanup service.  That leaves the planning and execution of all our activities and events up to the membership.

Save Sunday December 4th at 10am for an orientation followed by a free Brunch. We will show you all of the ways you might volunteer your help.  There will be members of Anglers, Beefeaters, Islanders, and Epicureans to explain their activities.  We will discuss Wednesday Night Dinners. 

We will cover how to plan a meal, where are the best places to shop, the standard operating procedures for the upstairs and downstairs kitchens, and the responsibilities and perks of the cook and crew.